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  1. 变换句子的长短

  Vary the length of the sentences in your essay. If you have written several longsentences in a row, insert a short sentence to give the reader a break. Varietyin your sentences will make your essay easier to read (and thus morememorable).

  It also demonstrates that you have a superior command of theEnglish language. And don’t be afraid of including a one-sentence paragraph. Aone-sentence paragraph (especially at the beginning or end of your essay) willbe very dramatic and grab the reader’s attention.



  If English is your second language,don’t try to make it hard on yourself by writing really long sentences andusing large vocabulary words. (Don’t say “internationalization”; just say“international.” Why use “metropolis” when you can just use “city”?) Rememberthat the readers are not hoping to be impressed by your vocabulary—they want tobe impressed by your story.



  Avoid using inappropriate reasons for why a particular college is attractive to you. (I have actually seen essays where the applicant described how much he “loved” the University of Chicago and wanted to date her, and another where the applicantwrote that NYU was attractive because she just loved the color purple on theNYU website.) You must read the website carefully to discover specificprograms, activities, curricula, distinguished professors (and the like) thatyou can point to and say, “THIS is why I want to go to University X.”



  Do not tell the school how good it is. “I want to attend the prestigiousUniversity X because it is a top US college with an international reputation,”just sounds insincere.



  Catch the reader’s attention in the first sentence of your essay by writing somethingdramatic or humorous. In one excellent essay I read, the applicant (hoping to majorin entomology), wrote this: “Ahhhh! There are bugs in the shampoo!"Doesn't that make you want to read more? (He then went on to describe how hismother had found one of his “science experiments” involving insects, and howexperiences like this made him want to study entomology.)



  If you start with a story, you can end with some reference to the same story. (Ourentomology student, for example, could then mention his mother’s shock again inhis last paragraph.)



  Your purpose in writing your essay is to come across as a unique individual, one whostands out from all the other applicants and one whose writing style is lively,fresh, and different. For undergraduate essays, the personal details of yourlife and the struggles you have had to overcome will make good stories. Goodstories are memorable. You don’t have to be a perfect person; indeed, it may bethat any “flaws” you have will convince the reader that you are a multi-facetedperson who learns from your mistakes. These flaws don’t have to be terrible:You can describe the time that you made complete a fool of yourself before yourfriends. (Americans call this the “My most embarrassing moment” essay.) Thentell the reader what you learned from this experience.



  A lways try to make your writing as “concrete” as possible, meaning that you providespecific examples (or stories) to support your main points. Instead of justwriting, for example, “I spent two months doing chemistry research,” describethe nature of that research, what process you used, and what it taught you. Depthis more important than breadth. The reader will be more impressed by specificdetails about ONE of your experiences then a list of twenty experiences. (Savethe list of experiences for your resume.)



  It is perfectly all right to describe your particular religion in an undergraduateessay. Readers in the US come from many different religious backgrounds and theadmission officers will most likely be broad-minded and tolerant. The mainthing is not to try and “convert” the reader—you simply want to show how beinga Buddhist (or a Catholic, or a Christian, or whatever) has had a profoundimpact on your life.



  Avoid describing any of the student’s physical attributes. Readers in the US become veryuncomfortable when they read that the applicant is “a lovely young girl” or a“strong handsome boy. (Admission officers are not allowed to evaluate you basedon what you look like.)



  Do not include negative information in a letter of recommendation. Describe onlythe applicant’s successes, not failures.



  Resumes need to be very clean, clear, simple,and elegant. Do not include fancy fontsor distracting wingdings for bullets. Be sure that your main headings stand outfrom the text by putting them in bold, or italics, or a larger font size. Youwant whoever reads your resume to be impressed by your achievements andaccomplishments, not by your graphic design abilities.



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